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Flowtropolis Vision

Making next generation co-working spaces packed with flow enhancing features

in full 3D with the leverage of immersive technologies 

Have you ever wondered if you could be working in VR?   (Yes / No)

We have! A lot actually…

To most people, this may seem a bit Sci-Fi and far away! But it´s actually not. There is already a bunch of things which is already pretty awesome or near awesome to be used right now. It´s definitely clear where all of this is heading and everybody deserves some Flow.

There are many perks with having your office space available in VR with Multi-user support. Read more below as you can look at the platform from a few different work categories.

Flowtropolis gives you and your team mindful work focus and at the same time, release the stress of constant work travels. It´s your only office that is cleaning-free, portable and super flexible packed with abundant resources.


Meetings With Intent

Flowtropolis is built to increase productivity and reduce multi-tasking. Let´s get focused together. 

Save Valuable Time

We want people to travel less, save time and the environment. Meet in VR instead.

Amazing Overviews

Flowtropolis let you interact with your business intelligence like a memory champion.  

Collaborative Computing

Flowtropolis let you work together from all over the world in the same location. 

Flowtropolis can benefit All of you!


All type of design professions will enhance their collaboration with their own VR Space.

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Design is a widely used definition that spans over an abyss of different design niches. 

Even if you are a UX designer who work in with 2D experience mapping or 3D Vehicle design, there is still much in common to the way we think going through the design journey. 

They all need to review and communicate their efforts to someone. That can be your team,  your client or even yourself. You need to look at your work from different perspectives to make sure you have made the best decision that made to this design solution. 

VR is great to give you that perspective and let you see your work fresh. It plays a big difference in being able to step away from your regular screen to expose your self to size, environment, settings, and people.

Flowtropolis gives you that perspective. Both in dynamic 2D viewing and spatial 3D experience.

Space is limitless and so should your work effort also be! 



It is hard for stakeholders to see the big picture of all the activities that go in. Share new spaces.

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Take advantage of Flowtropolis VR showroom capabilities and build your campaign room down to that tiny detail together with your team. Work from where you feel most productive and meet your team in your Flowtropolis office whenever you need.

Finally we can look at the campaign in full glory 1:1 to the produced output.

Contact us, to discuss details what interactive 3D and VR brings to the table.


Analytics & Strategy

Big data have transformed the way we can watch information. VR space is the place to discuss data.

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There are so many great analytics tools out there

What is awesome now is that everybody, small teams to large companies can build their own analytics control room. 

When using VR it means having this in a custom physical space. That space can enhance your viewing experience of big data and increase our cognitive human functions as we are not limited to traditional 2D screen anymore. 

AI and machine learning will help us generate interesting reports to discuss as humans. 



Ever wished you had a higher budget to WOW your presentations. VR gives you that.

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Now you can have a focus chamber using Flowtropolis, where you can sort all your leads and current progress in your favorite tools. Yes, VR increase productivity! 

Have team meetings with the possibility to practice in front of each other. Take advantage of this fully flexible lifestyle where you can be teleported to the same room as your team.

Flowtropolis can also act as your companies Virtual Reality Showroom.

Logistics just got easy!  



A lot of presentations and meetings to get everybody onboard and share the same world view.

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To be a manager means having responsibility. You work with people and you and your team get things done. To get things done you need to constantly align yourself towards the goal you have set up towards whoever is your stakeholder. 

To have inclusive meetings with intent can really make a big difference to you and your team. With Flowtropolis you can have a shared space wherever you work from. VR removes distances all together. It literally doesn’t matter if you work from the other side of the world or just in another part of the same neighborhood. You will be in the same room and can focus purposefully on teamwork and nailing down your alignment to make the best decision for the project. 

Sit at the same side of the table and work on together on the challenges of tomorrow!


Educators & Coaches

E-learning will go to the stars and beyond with these new tools. The classroom will be re-defined.

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Education will transform with immersive tech. There is so much data on this and there is so much to be done.

VR really super-enhances the education system and gives it magic powers. E-learning can be greatly enhanced with new types of logistics solutions and setups.

Flowtropolis also can be used as a framework for educators to create field trips in. 

We also take mentorship seriously and have created the ability for educators to meet students in virtual co-working spaces for that intimate and focused sessions.    


Artists & Developers

Sit at the same location and point at the same screen where ever you are. 

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Flowtropolis was founded on the belief that VR is exactly the space that artists and developer will worship in the nearby future. The endless possibilities for global teams working together in our Worlds.  VR gives us the most interesting canvas.

Having daily meetings is just the start!

Are you an experienced artist and developer who think the Flowtropolis initiative sounds interesting, please head down to our career section and let us know who you are!

Architects & Construction

These one are the mediums low hanging fruits. They are also among the ones who benefit the most.

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These Businesses work with 3D. The projects are big and often span over a long period of time. There is a lot of people who have a stake in the process and with real dependencies that cost a lot when things go south. 

VR is truly the magic medium for these and Flowtropolis will work like a charm for you as a base. 

Ready to kick start your organisation?

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