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Showrooms in virtual reality

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Why Flowtropolis?

Meetings With Intent

Flowtropolis is built to increase productivity and reduce multi-tasking. Let´s get focused together. 

Save Valuable Time

We want people to travel less, save time and the environment. Meet in VR instead.

Amazing Overviews

Flowtropolis let you interact with your business intelligence like a memory champion.  

Collaborative Computing

Flowtropolis let you work together from all over the world in the same location. 

Be Superhuman In Flowtropolis!

Prepare your collaborative Flow-space and get ready for deep work. Good software is not a problem anymore! But lack of overview and limited human cognition are. Make you and your team superhuman!

Travel Less! Minimum Carbon Footprints

Know you have green meetings. Sit on the same side of the table and be with your fellow humans, the next best thing to physical meetings. Let our smart spaces spark your teams creativity. One thing is for sure! The future will not be the same as the past.

Go deep with your work!

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  • Collaborative virtual showrooms.
  • Education and training with VR Superpowers.
  • Future of work starts here. 


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